Discipline and Other Rules :-

The students are expected to follow the rules and regulation of the institution as lay from time to time. Attendance requirement is minimum 80% in each subject. Disciplinary action may be initiated against those students who violate norms. It is expected that students maintain proper decorum while in institute campus. No group or union will be allowed to function, which has political affiliation. Caste, creed religion etc. will not be a source of any function.

Act of Indiscipline and Misconduct :-

Any act of misconduct committed by a student inside or outside the campus will be an act of violation of discipline of the institute and will include -

1. Disruption of teaching, study, examination or administrative work, curricular or extra curricular activity or residential life of the member of the institute

2. Damaging or defacing institute property or the property of the members of the institute or any other property inside or outside the institute.

3. Use of abusive or intimidatory language or incitement of violence.

4. Ragging of any student in any form.

5. Eve teasing or disrespectful behavior to elders, women or girl Students / Staff / Teachers.

6. Committing forgery, tempering with or misuse of the institute documents or records, identification card etc.

7. Using or processing alcoholic or dangerous drugs.

8. Possessing or using any weapon such as knife, chains, iron roads, sticks, explosive and fire arms in hostel or institute premise.

9. Any offence under law.

Any other act or acts which may be considered by the management, principal or the disciplinary committee to be an act of violation of discipline.

Penalties :-

(a) Written warning and information to guardian/parent.

(b) Fine will be charged as decided by the institute disciplinary committee.

(c) Suspension / expulsion, from the department / hostel / library and the institute .

(d) Debarring from examination, participation in sports.

(e) Recovery of pecuniary loss caused to the person so affected and the institute property.

(f) Information to law enforcing authority.

Cancellation of Admission :-

If at any stage during course of study of student, it is found to the subject satisfaction of the institute authorities that:

1. A student has secured admission on the basis of false certificate, mark sheet or on the basis of any other illegal means, his or her admission will be summarily cancelled and all fee paid will be forfeited. This will be without prejudice to any other action which the institute may take against such student.

2. The conduct of the student of the institute is not satisfactory or indiscipline.

3. He indulges in ragging of the students of the institute.

4. The activity of the student is such to be determined to the interest of the institute.

Legal Jurisdiction :-

Honorable Civil Court, Muzaffarpur, Bihar will only be the legal jurisdiction in case of any